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Our company is dedicated to developing, maintaining, and operating infrastructure that supports alternative energy technologies. We have a nationwide footprint to provide central operations and field maintenance services to hundreds of asset owners. MaxGen currently manages some of the largest operating solar fleets in the country and has a distinguished reputation for safety and performance.

We have significant experience with the development, design, installation, and maintenance of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) and battery energy storage systems (BESS). As an OEM service provider to many manufacturers, MaxGen emerged as an industry-leader with EVSE and BESS installations.

This combined experience and expertise brings our customers unparalleled service, asset performance, and strong partnership in the long-term care and operation of their energy asset portfolios.

Solar Systems Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Electric Vehicles (EV) Infrastructure
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Solar Systems

Rooftop Solar

We provide the flexibility to optimize any rooftop project to your specific needs—whether your goal is to maximize the number of modules on the roof or individual panel output.

Ground Mount Solar

Ground systems are designed and engineered for each customer’s site specifics and our meticulous project planning and precise execution combine to provide you with a complete solution.

Carport Solar

A customized carport project with our on-site project management and installation service options to ensure quality and customer-focused solutions.

Large Scale Utility Solar

Registered NERC GOP and CIP compliant Operations Center with in-house expertise to mitigate risk and optimize performance.


Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Technology advances over the past few years in energy storage has resulted in increased density and falling prices. Batteries thrive in a TOU tariff environment creating a kWh arbitrage opportunity while flattening demand curves. When paired with solar, batteries can drastically increase savings by shaving demand peaks and lowering overall demand charges.

There has never been a better time than now to consider a BESS for your energy portfolio. Ask Max to guide you through the analysis and implementation.

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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

EV Infrastructure is in our DNA. The founding partners our firm installed over 2,000 charging ports for the EV1 and RAV4 EVs starting in the late 1990s. Today we are the largest design build firm to install open source DCFC (ChaDeMo & SAE Combo).

MaxGen has participated in several industry firsts:

  • First SAE Combo install
  • First 150kW EVSE Install
  • First 350kW engineered and permitted
  • First fully integrated Solar, Storage, DCFC EVSE, and V2G

Whatever your EVSE vision, MaxGen has the dedicated staff to fully manage the development of each site in your portfolio.

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