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Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure


Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

MaxGen is a trusted name in the EVSE industry. Several of the leading Electric Vehicle Service Providers have turned to us to lead their development efforts. We work closely with the leading charging station manufacturers to provide warranty services and field work such as hardware and firmware updates. Even Auto OEMs are turning to MaxGen to develop charging networks.

MaxGen has developed fast charging and L2 infrastructure at government facilities, parking garages, shopping centers, shopping malls, parks, airports, office buildings, universities, multifamily communities, gas stations, hotels, school bus depots, auto dealerships, and even in the public right of way.

Why MaxGen Electric Vehicle Infrastructure?

  • Extensive DCFC (Direct Current Fast Charging) design/build experience
  • Dedicated team of engineers
  • Leader in ADA compliance
  • Turnkey construction, installation, commissioning
  • Self performing trades
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • OEM certified
  • Monitoring and reporting


  • Design & Engineering
    Design & Engineering

    MaxGen delivers site evaluations and design consultations, with the assistance of professional engineers with vast experience designing utility generation assets and renewable energy. As a licensed General Contractor and a C10 Electrical Contractor, MaxGen has accumulated vast, full-service electrical experience with a focus and emphasis towards electric infrastructure design, surveys, installation, maintenance and OEM technical field support services.

    • In-House Engineering
    • Dedicated staff for Energy Storage projects
    • Additional cross trained engineers
    • Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer
    • Develop complete permit package

  • Construction & Commissioning
    Construction & Commissioning

    MaxGen offers turnkey construction services and utility coordination. Given our considerable experience with the installation and commissioning of hundreds of Direct Current Fast Charging Stations and thousands of Level 2, we can handle full development of your EVSE.

    • Manage full site evaluation through commissioning activities
    • Permit submission and AHJ coordination
    • General Contractor of full installation
    • CT installations for battery management systems
    • Switchgear analysis for overcurrent protection device at point of connection
    • Application execution of interconnect agreement
    • Full system commissioning
    • Obtain Final inspection and Certificate of Completion
    • Project close out documentation

  • OEM Service & Support
    OEM Service & Support

    Our extensive service and support go beyond updates and configuration – MaxGen has a team of dedicated technicians available. Take advantage of our nationwide footprint to achieve the most from your EVSE and solar equipment. Furthermore, we are an authorized OEM technical support contractor for many manufacturers.

    • Field service and repair
    • Firmware updates, configuration, hardware integration
    • Customization and rebranding
    • Pre-field testing, commissioning and certification
    • Logistics

  • Operations & Maintenance
    Operations & Maintenance

    MaxGen offers a nationwide footprint and O&M protocols that will make performance and maintenance more efficient. We have fully trained and OEM certified technicians across the country to conduct maintenance and repairs. By incorporating the nationwide footprint and our O&M protocols, MaxGen not only brings experience and confidence to installation, but also remains an asset for the entire lifetime of the equipment.

    Nationwide field service
    Largest independent clean energy O&M company with 3.5 GW and counting

    Nationwide EVSE contracts
    Service experience
    OEM service provider for a range of solar equipment, EVSE, and battery storage manufacturers

    Preventative maintenance
    Ensure availability and reliability for the lifetime of the system
    Thousands of DCFCs under O&M contract across the US.