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MaxGen Energy Services is dedicated to developing, maintaining, and operating infrastructure that supports alternative energy technologies.

At the core of the company, MaxGen is an alternative energy services company, providing commercial and utility scale design, operations and maintenance, and asset management services, and the company is recognized as the largest independent provider for solar O&M services in the United States. MaxGen is a results-oriented company with a distinguished reputation for experience, safety, and customer service.

MaxGen also has considerable experience with the development, design, installation, and maintenance of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) and battery energy storage systems (BESS). As an OEM service provider to many manufacturers, MaxGen has amassed industry-leading experience with EVSE and BESS installations.

By incorporating the nationwide footprint and our O&M protocols, MaxGen not only brings experience and confidence to our customers’ projects, but also our services remain an asset for the entire lifetime of the projects.

For information about Careers at MaxGen, please visit: https://maxgenservices.catsone.com/careers/

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